Ma Mere Confections

Lexi Bird

Contact Infomation

Company Name: Ma Mere Confections

Company Address: 5 loop street,, maitland, 7806, South Africa

Company General Phone: +27 (0) 82 445 2091

Company General Mail: info@mamere.co.za

Company Website: www.mamere.co.za

Key Contact First and Last Name: Lexi Bird

Key Contact Phone: +27 (0) 82 445 2091

Key Contact Mail: lexi@mamere.co.za

Company Information

Incorporation Date: November 01, 2013

BEE: BEE Level 4

Woman-Owned: Yes - 100% Woman Owned

Company Size: 10 – 20

Distribution: Wholesale , Private Label , Own Brand , Export via Sea , Export via Air Freight , Off trade (Supermarkets, Specialists Retailers, Independent Retailers) , E-Commerce

Company Overview: Ma Mere Confections is a high end confectionery manufacturer and brand. All of our products are hand made, using locally sourced (where possible) ingredients. We specialise in Nougat and Turkish delight predominantly. We have built up a solid reputation for our quality as well as for our unique packaging.