Ingrid Alexander

Contact Infomation

Company Name: Sh'Zen

Company Address: 17 Ferndale Road, Sunset Industrial Park, Ottery, 7800, South Africa

Company General Phone: +27 21 704 2940

Company General Mail: marketing@shzen.co.za

Company Website: www.shzen.co.za

Key Contact First and Last Name: Ingrid Alexander

Key Contact Phone: +27 82 875 4242

Key Contact Mail: ingrid@shzen.co.za

Company Information

Incorporation Date: September 26, 2000

BEE: Not BEE Eligible

Woman-Owned: Yes - 75%+ Woman Owned

Company Size: 20 –100

Distribution: Agents

Company Overview: So much to love! Sh'Zen health and beauty products harness the regenerative potential inherent in nature to refresh body and mind. Our high-treatment health and beauty products are made in South Africa using only the finest ingredients and are formulated to promote your inner vitality.