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  • General Exports

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    On request we are able to present information and pricing on sourcing, buying and exporting of general South African products such as Machinery, Cold Rooms, Fencing, Charcoal, Pool Equipment, Mining consumables and Modular Housing.

  • International Packaging Machine Solutions

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    International Packaging Machine Solutions

  • Vannpax 1002 Cartoner

    Manual Cartoner with Automatic Gluing and Closing

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    This cartoner was designed and manufactured by Vannpax for the entry level market. The product is manually placed into a carton where it is placed on the infeed of the machine to automatically glue and close. Runs @ ± 40ppm

  • Sachet Machines

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    We have various different sachet machines that can fill/Pack:

    Liquid = water, juice etc.
    Grain = rice, beans, salt, etc.
    Powder = spice, flour, etc.
    Paste = honey, tomato paste, fruit pulp, etc.
    Various models available in each category

  • Vannpax 1002 Manual Cartoner with automatic gluing system

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    The Vannpax 1002 Cartoner was designed for the entry level market where a product is inserted manually into a display carton, placed on the infeed conveyor and then automatic glued and closed.