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  • Chikonde Single Seater Cane Chair

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    The Chikonde singe seater cane chairs are made locally by local craftsmen. We aim to support our local community with inputs and skills in order to ensure we create sustainable livelihoods.

  • Daybeds for one or two


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    Magnificent Daybeds for around your pool, for pure relaxation and decadent living

  • Demonstrate luxury and lying space

    European Loungers

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    Opulent DayBed for ultimate lounging, supported on a magnificent wooden base and clad in a sheer white toweling.

  • FSDU

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    Our bespoke cardboard floor stands are a fantastic way to display our products in retail outlets. The floor stand is free and is included with orders containing the appropriate amount of stock

  • Pool Fun

    Luxury Pool Lounger

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    Floating Pool Loungers which offer another dimension to your pool-time pleasure.