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  • CritiCare® Extrication Device

    CritiCare® Extrication Device

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    The CritiCare® Extrication Device is used to safely remove motor accident victims from vehicles to the ambulance stretcher. Protects the patient’s neck, back and spine during extrication from the motor vehicle.

  • CritiCare® PelviGrip™ Emergency Pelvic Binder

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    The PelviGrip™ has been designed to be a cost-effective, clinically effective and quick & easy-to-apply device. It consists of a neoprene cuff pulled together by neoprene belts and held in place by Velcro. For the Emergency care of Pelvic Fractures

  • CritiCare® Spider Harness

    CritiCare® Spider Harness

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    Specialised straps used to immobilise and secure a patient on a spinal board during ambulance transport to hospital.