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  • Bin liners

    Bin Liners

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    Power Plastics Bin Liners help protect expensive industrial machinery and comply with ISO standards and best practice in respect of machine storage/protection.

    These customisable transport solutions are aimed at warehouse and production managers.

  • Container liner

    Container liners

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    Used in the containerized bulk shipment of free flowing cargoes, container liners are designed to protect goods in transit and remove the need for intermediate packaging.

  • Dam liner

    Dam liners

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    Dam liners are a simple way to provide waterproofing of dams and ponds where the soil type is not ideal for water storage, providing the waterproofing essential for a viable dam.

  • Fumigation sheets

    Fumigation Sheets

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    Our fumigation sheeting is the tried and tested answer for tobacco and grain producers and warehouses as well as fumigation companies.

  • Polyethylene Cover

    Polyethylene Covers

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    Polyethylene Covers (clear plastic) are an ideal way to protect goods, and can be made to various size specifications.

  • PVC Pallet Covers

    PVC Pallet Covers

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    Pallet Covers are used to protect goods throughout the transport chain, ensuring goods are not subject to damage, scuffing, mechanical damage or other losses en route.

  • Reservoir Liners

    Reservoir Liners

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    Power Plastics’ Reservoir Liners are used to stop leakages and water losses. An excellent solution in cases where the reservoir is aging and has started to break down and it is difficult to detect exactly where leakages are occurring.

  • Swimming Pool Covers

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    Child safety around pools is of paramount importance at PowerPlastics Pool Covers, giving parents peace of mind with the PowerPlastics Solid Safety Cover, one of the most effective and easy to use methods of securing your pool on the market.

  • Thermal container liner

    Thermal Container Liner

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    Thermal container liners are made from Power Plastics barrier foil welded together to form a liner which fits perfectly into either a 6m, 12m or High Cube container.