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  • 250g of 100% Arabica Coffee – Beans or Ground

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    A 100% Arabica, medium roast, with flavours of dark chocolate, creamy toffee and roasted almond.


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    Our AFRICAN RENAISSANCE COFFEE® is a uniquely African blend, roasted under license and distributed by CATURRA AFRICA.


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    With over 50 coffee blends, including Espresso and Filter Blends, we have something for everyone including the most discerning coffee connoisseur.

  • Coffee Shop

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    Our physical coffee shop offers a safe refuge and sanctuary where you can be yourself, pause and take a breather from the world. It is a place where you can meet your family and friends and feel filled, ready to take on the world or whatever needs wo

  • Herbal Extracts

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    Parceval can manufacture a wide range of herbal extracts, from tinctures and syrups to capsules, tablets and gels, either as an intermediate product or as a finished, packaged product ready to go to retail.


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    Our well loved and convenient 1 CUPPER RANGE consisting of INSTANT as well as FILTER coffee in regular and decaf makes coffee supply simple.

  • Pour Over Sachets

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    Our pour over filter coffee sachets allow you to take the Mini Coffee Company Experience with you, wherever the road may lead. These sachets come in a pack of 10 and contain everything you need to prepare a cup of Mini Coffee.


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    Our Wonderful range of purpose made powders include our DECADENT HOT CHOCOLATE, WHITE HOT CHOCOLATE, CHAI and FRAPPE POWDERS.

  • Simply Coffee Nespresso® Starter Collection

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    Included in the Coffee Starter Collection you will find:

    1 x sleeve Woke Up Like This

    1 x sleeve You’ve Got This

    1 x sleeve No Caff No Faff

  • Sourcing Botanical Raw Materials

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    With a network of global partners, we are able to source botanical raw materials from all over and set up sustainable and compliant supply chains for our clients