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  • African Cuisine

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    Bensima (TA Ekasi Eatery) is an emerging food outlet focused on serving
    traditional South African food to its primary target market in and around the
    Milnerton area. The Eatery is also a proudly 100% black woman owned venture,
    based presently only

  • Agricultural FMCG products

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    Agricultural FMCG products

  • Bulk Flavouring of Honeybush

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    Bulk flavouring of honeybush with dried fruit, herbs and spices. Any customised flavours and value-adding to end-consumer.

  • Bulk Flavouring Services of Rooibos

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    Bulk flavouring of rooibos with dried fruit, herbs and spices. Any customisation level to end-consumer.

  • Condiments

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    We develop and manufacture a wide range of powder blends and sauces that can be used in a variety of food applications, ranging from meat marinades to blends for ready meals.

  • El Burro Mercado – Rainbow Heirloom Corn Tortilla Chips 250g

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    Made with the best single source Organic Mexican Heirloom Organic Corn. No preservatives, or colourants. The colour of the corn is 100% natural & has been grown this way for thousands of years.

    Vegan, Gluten-free, additive-free and non-GMO.

  • El Burro Mercado – White Corn Tortilla Chips 250g

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    White Organic Corn Tortilla Chips made in the time-honoured traditional method.


    organic white corn, water , salt and sunflower oil

  • Functional Blends

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    We produce functional beverages with blends based on plant extracts and fortified with vitamins and minerals. Categories to consider: Rejuvenation of the mind and body
    Mood enhancers
    Energy enhancers
    Immune boosters
    Focus enhancers

  • Fynbos Aubergine Pesto 140g

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    A mild purplish paste.
    Spread this creamy paste on toast, bread or crackers. Awesome added to a wrap or to pasta and fantastic in rice dishes.
    Mix with cream cheese for a tasty dip.
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  • Fynbos Ghost Pepper Paste with Extra Virgin Olive Oil 140g

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    Pure ghost pepper chillies cooked to perfection in a paste. Extremely hot. Add to any dish to bring out flavour. Add to stir-fry, curry, stews and soups. For chilli heads, use as a relish.

  • Fynbos Ghost Pepper Salsa 280g

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    A chunky orange/red salsa with bits of green herbs. Fabulous on hamburgers, fried eggs, hot-dogs, pap and sausages. Delicious served in pita bread or a Mexican tortilla or wrap with meat, fish, cheese or chicken.

  • Fynbos Marinated Peppers 420g

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    Add wonderful colour and flavour to any dish or salad.
    Use on pizza, or sandwiches, in stir fries, pita bread or, as a side dish.
    Eat them as a snack straight out of the bottle. Use the marinade in pasta sauces, or to marinade fish, chicken or meat