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  • Embrace the Nu. Feel like YOU.

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    Numuti is a homage to traditional & sustainable African botanicals mixed with hypermodern science. Bringing forth a new wave of human vitalisation through consciously canned africeuticals.

  • Goosebumps Wine Spritzer 440ml/300ml Slimline Cans

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    Goosebumps Spritzer Cooler 300ml Slimline Cans & 440ml cans

  • H2 Glo Water

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    Available in: Passion, Naartjie, Lemon, Blueberry, Pineapple, Strawberry and Energy

    Flavour Pack Size

    H2 GLO PASSION 12x500ml

    H2 GLO STRAWBERRY12x500ml

    H2 GLO LEMON12x500ml

    H2 GLO BLUEBERRY12x500ml

    H2 GLO NAARTJIE12x500ml

    H2 GLO PINEAPPLE12x500m

  • Pura Hydration (multiple flavours)

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    Sweat the good stuff with our tasty electrolyte drink. PURAfied with the finest spring water from the slopes of the Franschhoek mountains and infused with Mediterranean marine salts; stay hydrated, naturally. Low sugar, natural flavours. 500ml PET.

  • Pura Kids (Multiple Flavours)

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    Pura Kids (200ml Tetra box) is the healthier alternative to fruit juices with lower sugar levels, no colourants or preservatives and all natural flavours. Enough taste for your child, clean ingredients for any parental conscience.

  • Pura Soda (multiple flavours)

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    Pura Soda (300ml can) is an award winning better-for-you soft drink does not compromise on taste. Pura Soda has lower sugar levels (no artificial sweeteners), no colourants, no preservatives and all natural flavours.

  • Sceletium (Skuh-lee-tee-um) – What is it?

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    Sceletium is just one of many African botanicals we’ve put in Numuti, but this little succulent will change your life.

  • Tau Energy Drink

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    Tau Energy Drink is a 5 gram makes 250ml premium energy drink and offers the same benefits of
    premium ready to drink at an affordable price point.

  • THRIVE Sceletium: Sparkling Marula Flavoured Drink

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    Thrive’s there when you need a pick-me-up without the shake-me-up. Unlike regular energy drinks, it boosts mood, body, and brain function the natural way.

  • UNWIND Sceletium: Sparkling Honeybush Flavoured Drink

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    Unwind’s there when you need to miss out on all that stress stuff. It calms and relaxes the busy mind so you can get back to your balance.


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    ALKALINE ANTIOXIDENT WATER We now have added a range of higher pH water – 9+ to our portfolio. This new concept in water technology is taking the world by storm.