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  • de Pizan Beverages. A non- intoxicating wine

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    de Pizan is a dealcoholized, 0.0 wine with the taste, flavour and mouthfeel of wine.

  • de Pizan non Alcoholic Wines

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    About Us
    de Pizan creates non-alcoholic beverages, handcrafted and of high quality, valuing taste
    and virtue in each product presented
    de Pizan espouses high ethical superior quality and integrity as core values.
    de Pizan Beverages (Pty) Ltd, is a pi

  • Paul Wallace Little Flirt Sauvignon Blanc

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    A captivating dry white wine. A bouquet of tropical fruits with hints of granadilla, pear, kiwi fruit and melon on the palate backed by an underlying mineral core. Fine tuned natural acids, well balanced with fruit sweetness and a lingering finish.