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  • 5 Pence – Cask Aged Gin

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    Our Classic Dry gin with only 8 botanicals, aged in American oak barrels for approximately two months. Taking on flavours half way between gin and whiskey with a smokey caramel on top of undertones of juniper.

  • 5 Pence Cape Dry Gin

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    International gold medal in the USA spirits competition. A classic London Dry style of gin with 15 different botanicals, eight of which being carefully selected fynbos plant species.

    Undertones of citrus present on the nose and aftertaste.

  • 5 Pence Pink Gin

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    International award winning in the US and London. The same 15 different botanicals as the London Dry, but with Pinotage grape skins infused in the gin for approximately 24 hours post distillation.

    A fragrant, smooth gin.

  • Año de los muertos – Tequila Aficionado (Brand of Promise Award)

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    Karoo Agave plant distillation, honey, vanilla, caramel. Well balanced, slightly woody with notes of caramel and honey, and hints of vanilla and pepper. Ripe toasted agave finish.

  • Citrus Chai Rooibos Distilled Gin

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    Our rich, spicy pyramid Citrus Chai rooibos tea blend distilled into a unique gin. Intense and fragrantly spicy on the nose. A beautifully aromatic blend with a warm, lingering chai note.

  • Deep South Amber Rum

    Deep South Amber Cape Rum

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    A full-bodied pot-still rum, lightly aged in new oak that pays tribute to the unique nautical heritage of Rum at the Tavern of the Seas at the Cape of Good Hope. Bold smooth creamy caramel and tropical fruit aromas and flavours.

  • Floral Berry Rooibos Distilled Gin

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    Our popular Floral Berry rooibos pyramid tea blend, perfectly distilled into a light Floral Berry gin with a beautifully aromatic, sweet floral nose, a classic initial top note of juniper ending with a lingering berry flavour.

  • Enyi Gold African Spiced Rum

    Food and Beverage

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    Food and Beverage – Premuim African Spiced Rum

  • Hope Rhum Agricole

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    An Agricole style rum distilled from sugarcane juice, we press fresh sugarcane on-site, ferment the juice in S/S tanks and then distil it in our copper still. A uniquely South African Rhum expression

    Note: available in 750ml and 200ml bottles.

  • Howler Rum

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    A sweet, smokey, full moon, (but dark) 4-year old spirit aperitif, blended and infused with spices creating a spirit simply overflowing with caramel, sweet cinnamon, allspice and vanilla flavours.

  • Lean on Me Gin

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    A perfectly rounded floral citrus finish with underlying Buchu notes of spicy, minty blackcurrant tones.

  • Navigator 750ml

    Navigator Dark Rum 43% 750ml 6001651265170

    Rated 0 out of 5

    PROFILE Dry and Spicy
    NOSE Spicy and Herbal
    CHARACTER Hazelnut Nutmeg
    AFTER TASTE Chocolate Bitters
    LEGS Even and Moderate
    GLASS Rocks Clear Sides.

  • Deep South Premium White Rum

    Premium White Rum

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    A smooth aromatic white rum, with soft caramels and vanillas and just a hint of pepper and pot still smokiness. The rum pays tribute to the unique nautical heritage of Rum at the Tavern of the Seas at the Cape of Good Hope


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    A perfect all year round gifting choice for gin connoisseurs, the Sugarbird® & Friends 12 gin pack showcases a diversity in local gin flavour profiles from South Africa’s finest craft gin distillers and producers.


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    This multi brand pack showcases 5 x 40ml mini gin bottles, thereby offering a selection of some of South Africa’s top gins all in one pack!