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  • Deep South Chilli Vodka

    Chilli Vodka

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    A smooth, creamy spicy vodka with warming authentic chilli flavours and aromas, and just a hint of chipotle smokiness. Infused with sub-dried Cape Chillies, this vodka makes the best Bloody Mary ever.

  • Hope Small Batch Vodka

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    Carefully crafted in our Cape Town Distillery, this vodka is grape based and distilled on copper for purity. Only the pure heart of the distillation run is bottled, resulting in a smooth, sipping vodka

    Note: available in 750ml and 200ml bottles.

  • Deep South Premium Cape Vodka

    Premium Cape Vodka

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    Deep South Premium Vodka spirit is a beautiful, smooth, sweet vodka inspired by the cold, clean, clear cobalt waters that lie beneath the wildness of the sea and the skies at the Cape of Storms, at the southern-most tip of Africa.