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  • Bathroom, Floor & Dishwasher Combo

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    Bathroom Cleaner concentrate and spray bottle, Floor Finisher concentrate and spray bottle, Dishwashing Liquid. Contact 021 300 6692 to buy.

  • Biodegradable Drain & Cistern Cleaner

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    2 x Cistern Blocks, Drain Cleaner Granules. Contact 021 300 6692 to buy.

  • Eco Xtreme Sneaker Cleaner

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    Eco Xtreme Sneaker cleaner throughly cleans



    *Work on all sneaker colours including leather sneakers.

    *Removes tough stains including blood and wine stains

    *The Sneaker Cleaner can be used as a pre-wash or in the vehicle interior.

  • Fresheners, Bath & Hand Wash Combo

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    Fabric and Room Freshener, Bath and Shower Gel, Hand Wash. Contact 021 300 6692 to buy.

  • Premium Wash Tyre shine Combo

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    Premium Car Wash, High intensity Tyre Shine Polish, Spray Bottle. Contact 021 300 6692 to buy.

  • Rooibos Body Lotion 250ml

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    A silky, hydrating and nourishing lotion that will leave your skin feeling ultra-soft and smooth. Rooibos extract with its natural power of antioxidants help to prevent the destructive effects of free radicals within the skin’s tissue.

  • Rooibos Face Moisturiser 125ml

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    Hydrates and plumps the skin, leaving the skin feeling smooth and soft. Contains humectants that helps balance the moisture in your skin. If your skin is dry, it will draw in moisture and created a protective layer.

  • Rooibos Face Wash 200ml

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    The gentle formula cleanses skin, helps to remove dirt, oil and urban pollutants that water alone cannot get rid of.
    Maintains moisture and improves elasticity.
    Formulated to be gentle but effective.

  • Rooibos Glycerine Soap 150g

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    A natural hand-made pure glycerine soap with rooibos extract .Rich in antioxidants that nourish and protects the delicate skin of the face and body. Glycerine has a lower pH level than other soaps, helping the skin to retain its natural moisture.

  • Rooibos Toner 125ml

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    Leaving the skin balanced, calm and hydrated.

    Rich with natural antioxidants and soothing, anti-inflammatory ingredients

    Promotes cell regeneration