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  • nespresso compatible cleaning capsules

    Caffenu Coffee Machine Cleaning Capsules – Nespresso® compatible

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    The Caffenu cleaning capsule was created to clean all original line Nespresso coffee machines. The capsule’s unique foaming action penetrates inaccesible areas of the machines. It extends the lifespan of coffee machines, while being eco-friendly.

  • Caffenu Coffee Machine Cleaning Tablets – 100 x 1.4g

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    Caffenu Cleaning Tablets takes care coffee equipment, ideal for daily use on commercial coffee machines. The tablets remove dirty coffee oils, residue, and tannins that collect inside brewing units, pots, and filters. Eco-friendly, rapidly dissolves.

  • Coffee machine descaler

    Caffenu Eco Liquid Descaler – 200ml Coffee Machine Descaler

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    The Caffenu Eco Descaler is made to remove limescale and minerals that are found in water, from coffee machines. The descaler is made with European-standard lactic acid. Phosphate- and chlorine-free, eco-friendly. Has antibacterial properties.

  • Detergent Multi Mixing Tanks

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    Mix liquid soap, shampoo, drain cleaner, bleach, fabric softener etc.
    Double-walled thick jacket tank (to keep product fluid while mixing)
    Made from Industrial grade Stainless Steel
    Formula’s provided