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  • Adjustable Ankle wrap

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    Orthofit adjustable neoprene ankle support helps to provide mild support and compression to the ankle and surrounding muscles.

  • Adjustable Knee support

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    Ideal for weak or injured knee stabilization
    Prevents knee injury during activity
    Adjustable and easy wrap design
    Open patella

  • Air Ankle brace

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    Designed to help prevent ankle injury while preserving flexibility. The ankle brace can be worn on either the left or the right foot.
    Elastic back for smooth and comfortable fit.

  • Air Armband

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    Eliminate unnecessary pressure from Elbow Tendonitis Pain.
    Align and support minor to moderate elbow injuries.

  • Aluminium Finger splints

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    Used for stable phalangeal fractures, not involving the joints or interphalangeal dislocations involving a volar plate injury.

  • Auxilla Crutch

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    Made from Sturdy aluminium construction.

    Slip-resistant tips for cushioned support.

    Adjustment: Double adjustment by means of spring-loaded pins.


    Easy grip orthopaedic handle.

    Removable and replaceable soft grip for added comfort

  • Balanced C

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    Take Control Of Your Health Today

  • Bumbino

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    Protect To Prevent
    Nappy Rash

  • Chill-B-Prep

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    For Chilblains, Diabetic Foot Care, Dry Skin & Preventing Bed Sores.

  • Congivil Baby

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    When you’re congested, suffer from hay fever, or just need to flush your sinuses, you can get fast relief from Congivil Sterile saline nasal spray.

  • Custom procedure trays (CPT) and packs

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    Procedure packs provide a clinical, logistical, approach to supply chain consolidation. They consistently:
    Reduce costs
    Achieve cost transparency
    Reduce infections
    Maximise efficiency
    Offer clinical benefit
    Reduce waste

  • Customs Brokerage and Compliance Management Services

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    Customs Brokerage and Compliance Management Services
    Customs Clearing
    Tariff Classifications
    Valuation Rulings
    Handling Permits
    Rebate Clearances
    Experience in Handling Specialised Cargo
    Port Health Inspections