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  • Adjustable Ankle wrap

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    Orthofit adjustable neoprene ankle support helps to provide mild support and compression to the ankle and surrounding muscles.

  • Adjustable Knee support

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    Ideal for weak or injured knee stabilization
    Prevents knee injury during activity
    Adjustable and easy wrap design
    Open patella

  • Air Ankle brace

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    Designed to help prevent ankle injury while preserving flexibility. The ankle brace can be worn on either the left or the right foot.
    Elastic back for smooth and comfortable fit.

  • Air Armband

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    Eliminate unnecessary pressure from Elbow Tendonitis Pain.
    Align and support minor to moderate elbow injuries.

  • Aluminium Finger splints

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    Used for stable phalangeal fractures, not involving the joints or interphalangeal dislocations involving a volar plate injury.

  • Auxilla Crutch

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    Made from Sturdy aluminium construction.

    Slip-resistant tips for cushioned support.

    Adjustment: Double adjustment by means of spring-loaded pins.


    Easy grip orthopaedic handle.

    Removable and replaceable soft grip for added comfort

  • Balanced C

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    Take Control Of Your Health Today

  • Bumbino

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    Protect To Prevent
    Nappy Rash

  • Chill-B-Prep

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    For Chilblains, Diabetic Foot Care, Dry Skin & Preventing Bed Sores.

  • Congivil Baby

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    When you’re congested, suffer from hay fever, or just need to flush your sinuses, you can get fast relief from Congivil Sterile saline nasal spray.

  • Custom procedure trays (CPT) and packs

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    Procedure packs provide a clinical, logistical, approach to supply chain consolidation. They consistently:
    Reduce costs
    Achieve cost transparency
    Reduce infections
    Maximise efficiency
    Offer clinical benefit
    Reduce waste

  • Customs Brokerage and Compliance Management Services

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    Customs Brokerage and Compliance Management Services
    Customs Clearing
    Tariff Classifications
    Valuation Rulings
    Handling Permits
    Rebate Clearances
    Experience in Handling Specialised Cargo
    Port Health Inspections


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    Our diagnostic products help provide accurate medical information so that doctors can make faster, more informed treatment decisions, that are in the best interests of the patients we serve.

  • Elastic Thigh Support

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    Designed and manufactured in elasticised cotton to provide the optimum level of support, protection and warmth – for the treatment and prevention of injury to the thigh.

  • Elbow Crutch

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    The aluminium double adjustable elbow crutch with standard handle, SK 121, has 18 adjusting holes on the main tube for handle height adjustable from 695mm to 1125mm in 25mm increment, which can suit various users.

  • Foam Walker

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    Provides pneumatic support with full-shell protection for fractures, and post-op procedures.