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  • Amir

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    Amir is an international award winning non-alcoholic luxury drink crafted from Grape, Rooibos Tea and Cape Botanicals. It has been expertly finished with oak, to bring you the “prince” of non-alcoholic drinks.

  • Artisanal Cheese

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    Klein River Cheese crafts 4 styles and 11 types of exceptional and award-winning pasteurised cow’s milk South African cheese. We have been producing cheese for over 25 years with a team of cheesemakers boasting extensive knowledge and experience.

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    Banhoek Chilli Oil

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    Banhoek Chilli Oil is a premium, 250ml glass bottle of canola oil (non GMO) infused with dry chillies (chillies extracted after infusion). Winner of a coveted Great taste Award by the UKs Guild of Fine Foods and over 500 five-star ratings on Amazon.

  • Bee Loved Honey

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    We offer varieties of locally produced raw honey.

  • Bread

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    Kathy’s Bread is known worldwide for its authentic South African taste. Using a patented formula consisting of home-made pap and ancient grains, this product has taken the world by a storm!

  • Bulk Honey

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    We offer a range of honey packed into various pack sizes. Pre packed options include plastic squeeze bottles and glass jars. For bulk we can pack into buckets or drums. Private label is optional however a MOQ is requested for custom packaging.

  • Bulk Rooibos

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    Rooibos is a herbal tisane grown only in South Africa, generally packed into teabags or enjoyed as a loose tea. We source, process and export high quality Rooibos to clients around the world.

  • Business Consultant

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    Referrals of clients especially South African expat community who is interested in short term offshore products.

  • Caffeinated Sparkling water

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    Caffeinated Sparkling Water, a new flavourable Sparkling water with 80mg of caffeine brings a new twist to the market.

  • nespresso compatible cleaning capsules

    Caffenu Coffee Machine Cleaning Capsules – Nespresso® compatible

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    The Caffenu cleaning capsule was created to clean all original line Nespresso coffee machines. The capsule’s unique foaming action penetrates inaccesible areas of the machines. It extends the lifespan of coffee machines, while being eco-friendly.

  • Caffenu Coffee Machine Cleaning Tablets – 100 x 1.4g

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    Caffenu Cleaning Tablets takes care coffee equipment, ideal for daily use on commercial coffee machines. The tablets remove dirty coffee oils, residue, and tannins that collect inside brewing units, pots, and filters. Eco-friendly, rapidly dissolves.

  • Coffee machine descaler

    Caffenu Eco Liquid Descaler – 200ml Coffee Machine Descaler

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    The Caffenu Eco Descaler is made to remove limescale and minerals that are found in water, from coffee machines. The descaler is made with European-standard lactic acid. Phosphate- and chlorine-free, eco-friendly. Has antibacterial properties.