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  • Jumbo Brands

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    Jumbo Brands lead in the manufacturing of Fruit Drinks; Cappuccinos, Hot Chocolate, Crisps, Cordials, Mmmm shakes, Lemon Juice, Vinegar and a separate department for Contract Packing and House brands.

  • NOMU – Decadent Hot Chocolate

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    Certified organic dark chocolate pieces, just waiting to be melted into a mug of hot milk for the ultimate rich hot chocolate experience.

    Weight 250g tin and 1kg resealable pouch

    Shelf life 18 Months

  • NOMU – Hot Chocolate

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    NOMU Just Add Water Hot Chocolate is an ideal & ultra-delicious hot chocolate treat for every office canteen, kitchen or cafeteria, school tuckshop, lunchbox or fireside camping opportunity.

    Pack Sizes 250g, 500g, 1kg, 1.75kg

    Shelf life 18 months

  • NOMU – Unsweetened Cocoa Drink

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    Rich & creamy Banting-friendly hot chocolate with NO ADDED SUGAR OR SWEETENER!

    Available Pack Sizes 150g Tube | 1kg Resealable Pouch

    Shelf life 18 months

  • NOMU – White Hot Chocolate

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    A comforting, smooth & dreamy hot chocolate with couverture white chocolate pieces.

    Allergens Contains cow’s milk, Gluten. Made in a factory that uses tree nuts.

    Weight 250g tin, 1kg resealable pouch & 1.75kg tub

    Shelf life 12 months