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  • African Premium Brands – Fat Tree Natural Sweet Red

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    Natural, sweet, red.

  • Cape Honey Bush Tea – Loose Leaf Triple Pack

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    Flavour : Mild, sweet and nutty
    This tea sampler contains 3 x 20g loose leaf tea of Honeybush, Green Honeybush and Rooibos tea. It is a great opportunity to try each of these amazing teas packaged in one attractive tea tin.

  • Flavoured Blends

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    We offer various flavoured blends and can create customised blends.
    Current blends are:
    » Honeybush Mango Rose
    » Honeybush Orange Coco
    » Honeybush Lemongrass
    » Honeybush Refreshing Mint
    » Honeybush Strawberry Vanilla
    » Honeybush Marula

  • Grape Seed Cooking Oil Natural 5 Litre

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    Grape Seed Oil’s best attributes is it’s health-promoting properties. This oil offers a high level of Vitamin E, a strong anti-oxidant, one of the lowest levels of saturated fat and the highest levels unsaturated fat.

  • Grape Seed Oil Natural

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    – Grape seed oil: Pure cold pressed and naturally deoderized Grape Seed Oil

    – GMO Free, Gluten Free, Vegan Friendly, Pure conventional oil

  • Laibach – Natural Sweet

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    Lovely refreshing colour. A nose of pineapple, white peach and pear. The palate is a fruit explosion with a perfect balance between sugar and acid.

    John Platter Wine Guide: 5 Stars Natural Sweet Wine of the year – 2020 vintage.

  • Naudé – Natural Sweet Mourvèdre

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    A naturally sweet Mourvèdre is rich and full-bodied, but with a strong line of acidity to keep the wine balanced and ensure that it can be enjoyed at any time.

  • Pure Honeybush

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    We offer single estate conventional & certified organic Honeybush, as well as blended tisanes & can accommodate any request to match
    your specifications.

    Loose leaf – Tea Bag – Extracts

  • Rush Nutrition – Berry Burst Bars – 20 bars

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    RUSH Berry Burst bars are raw and ‘free-from’ all the bad stuff ensuring they retain their nutritional integrity. Containing high quality proteins, slow-release carbohydrates and are high in fibre without the sugar.

  • Rush Nutrition – Preggie – 20 bars

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    Preggie Bars provide you with the nutrition you need during pregnancy or breast-feeding, ensuring your little one has the essential building blocks for development and thus a head start on life.


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  • TopQualiTea – Tagless Tea Bags – Rooibos Natural

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    Rooibos tea is known in the industry for its best taste and quality. 100% fine leaves cut in potbags with its distinctive taste and contains many important minerals and antioxidants, caffeine free and low tannin levels; well suitable and refreshing.