Best Spirits of Africa (Pty) Ltd

Maurice DeVries

Contact Infomation

Company Name: Best Spirits of Africa (Pty) Ltd

Company Address: Unit A7 Coleman Industrial Park, Coleman Street, Elsies River, 7490, South Africa

Company General Phone: +27 (0) 21 592 5309

Company General Mail: info@bsoa.co.za

Company Website: www.bsoa.co.za

Key Contact First and Last Name: Maurice DeVries

Key Contact Phone: +27 (0) 73 322 1814

Key Contact Mail: maurice@bsoa.co.za

Company Information

Incorporation Date: August 03, 2017

BEE: BEE Level 1

Woman-Owned: Yes - 50%+ Woman Owned

Company Size: 1 – 5

Distribution: Retail , Wholesale , HORECA/Hospitality: Hotels, Restuarants, Catering

Company Overview: Best Spirits of Africa (BSOA) is a Cape Town-based liquor manufacturer and distributor of alcoholic beverages. BSOA’s mission is to enrich commercial customers and the lives of consumers and by producing top quality unique products through fit-for-purpose sustainable manufacturing processes, which also directly benefit the communities where it operates.