Cape Karoo International (Pty) Ltd

Jim Wright

Contact Infomation

Company Name: Cape Karoo International (Pty) Ltd

Company Address: 12 Mkuzi Street, Mossdustria, Mossel Bay, Western Cape, South Africa, 6500, South Africa

Company General Phone: +27 (0) 44 606 44 00

Company General Mail: jwright@capekarooint.com

Company Website: www.capekarooint.com

Key Contact First and Last Name: Jim Wright

Key Contact Phone: (0)82 419 32 99

Key Contact Mail: jwright@capekarooint.com

Company Information

Incorporation Date: 06/09/1998

BEE: Not BEE Eligible

Woman-Owned: No

Company Size: 200 +

Distribution: Retail , Bulk , Wholesale , HORECA/Hospitality: Hotels, Restuarants, Catering , Private Label , Own Brand , Export via Sea , Export via Air Freight , Representatives

Company Overview: Slaughterers, Processors and manufacturers of Ostrich and South African game meat, leather and feathers