Klein River Cheese

Raymond Siebrits

Contact Infomation

Company Name: Klein River Cheese

Company Address: Klein River Cheese Farmstead, Route 326 7km from Stanford village, 7210, South Africa

Company General Phone: +27 (0) 28 341 0693

Company General Mail: info@kleinrivercheese.co.za

Company Website: https://kleinrivercheese.co.za/

Key Contact First and Last Name: Raymond Siebrits

Key Contact Phone: +27 (0) 28 341 0693

Key Contact Mail: raymond@kleinrivercheese.co.za

Company Information

Incorporation Date: February 22, 2019

BEE: Not BEE Eligible

Woman-Owned: Yes - 50%+ Woman Owned

Company Size: 20 –100

Distribution: Retail , Bulk , Wholesale , HORECA/Hospitality: Hotels, Restuarants, Catering , Private Label , Own Brand , Direct sales , Agents , Export via Air Freight , Off trade (Supermarkets, Specialists Retailers, Independent Retailers) , E-Commerce

Company Overview: Klein River Cheese crafts 4 styles and 11 types of exceptional and award-winning South African cheese. The cheese is all hard and semi-hard cow's milk cheese mainly in continental European styles with a South African flair. Klein River Cheese is Halal certified and has consistently supplied all of the top national retailers and foodservice for decades. Winner of multiple local and international awards every year.