Ostrich Legskin Shiny Soft Polished

Anthony Coerecius

+ 27 74 293 3770

Drum dyed , polish like bodyskin saddle finish ,soft , no cracking, drying and is flexible and make it useful for accessories that have to be able to bend specially in the fashion.

Product or Service

HS411200 - Leather; further prepared after tanning or crusting; including parchment dressed leather; of sheep or lamb; without wool on; whether or not split; other than leather of heading 41.14


Department of Health Facility Certificate, SARS compliant, Other

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Company Name: Tonys Leather(pty)ltd

Company Address: 16 de laan 2016 Bridgton Oudstroon, Western cape, 6625, South Africa

Company General Phone: + 27 74 293 3770

Company General Mail: tonysleather01@gmail.com

Company Website: -

Key Contact: Anthony Coerecius

Key Contact Phone: +27 74 293 3770

Key Contact General Mail: tonysleather01@gmail.com

Company Information

Incorporation Date: May 25, 2015

BEE: BEE Level 1

Woman-Owned: Yes - 25%+ Woman Owned

Company Size: 1 – 5

Distribution: Direct sales

Company Overview: Tonys Leather was institute by Anthony Coerecius in Oudtshoorn 2015 while still an employee. He is the founder of TONYS LEATHER (PTY) LTD. He started the business out of a portion of his pension fund. He is a technically seasoned leather technologist with more 25 years’ experience in leather science and technology.

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Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Egypt, Germany, Korea, South, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States

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